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King’s Bounty II – A Guide to All Characters and Talents

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The guide below explains the three characters available when you first start King’s Bounty II, as well as their initial talents and lore.



Aivar (Warrior)

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A long time ago, Aivar, the descendant of an impoverished noble family, used to be a knight of the Royal Guard. However, he refused to support the coup at a crucial moment that eventually led to king Claudius’s ascension to the throne. This got him banished from the Guard. Aivar escaped to Artisania, where he earned a fine reputation as a mercenary and became the captain of his troop: the Hounds of War. Recently, Aivar received an invitation to the Universal Assembly. There, Prince Adrian promised to pardon him and offered a good position with the Royal Guard.




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  • Mercenary – Master of warfare with average Leadership but incapable of using magic. Units under his command have the best combat characteristics.


  • Battle Preparation I – Hero Gains +3 Warfare.


  • Practice I – Increases Unit XP for winning battles by &10.


  • Power Balance I – Morale penalty for Power ideal units is reduced by 1 when combined with units of other ideals.


  • Retribution I – Allied unit’s damage increased by 5% for each wounded member.



Katharine (Mage)


Katharine comes from a long line of noble Rigern counts, the rulers of the rugged mountain region of Nostria. She spent more than twenty years away from Nostria, roaming the dragon ruins and the remains of ancient Antis, looking for arcane knowledge and magic. Unexpectedly even for herself, Katharine stopped receiving the taxes she needed to fund her expeditions and mystical research. Katharine’s nephew Maurice had taken over her county. Outraged by this, she headed to the Universal Assembly to demand the return of her power from the King.




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  • Sorceress – Mistress of the arcane, a powerful sorceress indifferent to warfare. Uses the most powerful spells in battle.


  • Magic of Air and Fire I – Allows learning of Air and Fire spells from Scrolls.


  • Magic of Earth and Ice I – Allows learning of Ice and Stone spells from Scrolls.


  • Finesse Balance I – Morale penalty for Finesse ideal units is reduced by 1 when combined with units of other ideals.


  • Insidious Maneuver I – When dealing with damage, the allied unit has a 25% chance of removing a random buff from the target enemy and applying it to itself.



Elisa (Paladin)

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Elisa is a peasant girl from Lorian who believes in her special mission to save all of Nostria. Her homeland in Lorian has been caught up in the civil war for more than ten years. During a clash between farmers and mercenaries, Elisa suddenly acquired magic abilities that helped her push the enemy back, away from her village and then away from all of Southern Lorian. Chosen by the will of her people, Elisa headed to the Universal Assembly. She wants the King to recognize her as legate on behalf of her people. In that way, she would gain access to military resources and other means of establishing order in Nostria.




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  • Protector – Natural leader with middling magical abilities, inexperienced in warfare. Able to recruit the largest number of units in the shortest amount of time.


  • Magic of Life and Light I – Allows learning of Life and Light spells from Scrolls.


  • Order Balance I – Morale penalty for ideal Order units is reduced by 1 when combined with units of other ideals.


  • Protection I – All allied units gain +5 Armor in the first round of combat.


  • Phantasmal Armor I – All allied units gain +5 Resistance in the first round of the combat.


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