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Inscryption Review – All Secrets, Tips, and Tricks

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The game Inscryption blends a variety of genres into a strange experience. It is a strategy card game that also includes horror vibes.  Almost everything about Inscryption is perfect, from its addicting core to the sheer number of replayable levels. The combination of ominous and horror vibes has made this game more popular. When you go deeper and deeper into Inscryption, the game leans too heavily on its quirkiness.


However, if you like playing strategy card games and want to experience something new, you will surely like Inscryption. Further, in this article, you will get to find a complete review about Inscryption. You will also find some tips and tricks that will help you play Inscryption more easily.




  • Most of the gameplay in Inscryption is a roguelike strategy card game. In Inscryption, you access a game board with different attack powers and health before you. Your card damages any enemy card that is in the space in front of it.


  • If your opponent’s card is empty, however, you deal damage to them. To win, you need to do enough damage to your opponent. Further, there are lots of ways to customize your cards, which makes them simple and effective.


  • The game offers a variety of items and power-ups that make it more enjoyable. The starting of Inscryption is quite simple. On a stormy night, you find yourself stranded in a cabin in the woods.


  • A shadowy figure only known as Leshy is your only company. Leshy will teach you the right way to play a card game. You will get to know about different builds, strategies, and creature types.


  • As you progress on the map, you encounter various encounters, acquire new cards, and finally confront bosses. Everything seems fine until you play these games with Leshy. It’s always possible to get up and explore the cabin by getting up from the table.


  • Throughout the cabin, you will find puzzles similar to those found in escape rooms. As a reward, you are given cards with cryptic warnings as you solve these puzzles. When you lose to Leshy for the first time, there’s a sinister warning.




  • Rather than complicated graphics, Inscryption prime focus is the atmosphere. In addition to being haunted, the cards feel somewhat retro while maintaining everything the player needs to know.


  • The action takes place in a shadowy setting. There are precise shadows around the possible action locations, and the sounds are terrifying. The presentation is good, but the music isn’t very appealing.


  • The visualization of Inscryption has a certain sensibility. There is an uncanny dread in every section evoked by the echoes of characters, clues, and circumstances. The OST lends a great deal to the mood and maintains a consistent aesthetic throughout.



Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

  • A cupboard with two items is hidden behind the mysterious captor. Among the first items are the gold teeth in the skull, which players can use. After each boss fight, the skull gets its teeth replenished.


  • You’ll also find a figurine of a caged wolf next to the skull. This small item may seem insignificant, but it will help the player exit the cabin.


  • A large metal safe can be seen as soon as you pass the door. There will be several puzzles at the beginning of the game as players have to break the metal safe to access items necessary to progress the story.


  • Right after leaving the chest, you will encounter a wooden machine with a golden dagger. Daggers are essential for leaving the cabin, but they come at a high price.


  • You may notice a cuckoo clock right behind the players’ seats. Two stages comprise this secret, with the second wanting multiple steps to unlock. As far as helping the player escape the cabin is concerned, this is the most important secret.


  • Besides, you will locate a cupboard containing a large rulebook with multiple cards, which you can use for the progress in the game.



Role of Cards in Inscryption

  • A card’s cost is different, so you must sacrifice another card’s life to obtain it. If you want to play a blood droplet-costing card, you have to remove a card. You will need bones to access some cards which are available by destroying your cards.


  • As well as the sigil, cards have their unique ability based on what sigil they have. For example, a Flying sigil skipped over an opponent’s card, and the damage is done directly. It is countered by a sigil, which prevents flying cards altogether.


  • Creating powerful cards is made possible through a unique system that you can customize to your liking. However, Inscryption doesn’t settle for just being unique. There are tons of different class cards to choose from and a lot of puzzles to solve.


  • Inscryption, on the other hand, is very enamored with its lore, a bizarre story that never works. With death cards, you can customize the game in a variety of ways.


  • Each death you take will grant you a Death card, which you can use to create an overpowered card. Combining the power, health, cost of a card is possible. You can customize the cards by combining power, health, and cost.



Luke in Inscryption

  • Part two includes Luke’s commentary and reactions to situations occurring in the game. You’ll also see videos of Luke’s life interspersed between every chapter as things get very complicated very fast.


  • If Luke does not return the disk, Inscryption’s maker threatens to sue him. The disk appears to be in the hands of a mysterious young woman, who approaches his door to ask about it.


  • As a result of these additions, the line between fiction and reality is blurred. Although the deck balance mechanics in Inscryption are a bit flawed, once you have the correct build, taking the game for a spin with little effort becomes quite easy.


  • You will be able to play squirrels endlessly in part one and sacrifice them if you want to play stronger cards. However, this is only a minor problem, which does not affect the general enjoyment of the game.



Final Thoughts

The mechanics of Inscryption are not as important as they seem, and you can drop many of them at any time. There is a point when death cards are abandoned, and many customizations contribute to the core gameplay. There is a twist ending to the game, which makes it more interesting for players. Every time the game switches gears, it switches to a new environment. There is, however, a significant difference between the opening experience and the game itself. It does not completely abandon the game’s core mechanics. While the base gameplay remains the same, you can customize the cards in different ways.


Despite this, the game is constantly changing on you, sometimes leaving you breathless leaving you frustrated. You will fall into one of the three groups based on your willingness to experience Inscription’s wild rides. Gamers enjoyed Inscryption overall because it is both weird and freaky. Although there are some questionable puzzles and messy stories in Inscryption, it remains an enjoyable horror game. It is unsettling and disturbing to learn the pros and cons of a complex card game. Overall, Inscryption offers a great experience for gamers.


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