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How to Use The Second Man Press in FIFA 22

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How to Use The Second Man Press in FIFA 22

When used effectively, the second man press is an extremely effective defensive move. The fundamental idea is to push the player with the ball while simultaneously using a second player to cover open space. It would be best if you used it in periods. You’ll want to master the techniques of switching players at the right moment.


Holding down R1 (PS4 & PS5) / RB (Xbox One & Xbox Series X) calls the nearest player to assist you in defending. It goes without saying that having two players pressing the attacker is far superior to having just one. The second defender will close off additional passing lanes, forcing you to make a tackle. It’s great for putting pressure on a player, but be careful not to get him out of position. The trick is to not overuse it – for example, holding R1 / RB and controlling one player on the edge of your box without changing is a good example.


That is all you need to know to use second man press in FIFA 22. Do you have any suggestions to improve this guide? Please leave a comment below.


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