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How to Turn off the Player Change Arrow in FIFA 23

How to Turn off the Player Change Arrow in FIFA 23

Welcome soccer fans! The newest edition of the greatest soccer simulator in the video game industry is here with FIFA 23. Pick from a massive roster of players and clubs to live out your soccer dreams, while the extremely realistic gameplay gets your blood pumping from excitement.


Players worldwide have adopted the FIFA series for its hardcore simulation gameplay, but the game’s developers have introduced a few quality-of-life improvements over the years to make the game more accessible to new players. This might annoy the hardcore fans of the game who want the game to stick to its no-nonsense roots, but making the game more accessible can only be a good thing. More players mean more competitors for the powerfully entertaining online multiplayer mode, after all.


  • One of those additions is the helpful “player change arrow”. This feature was introduced several years ago, but it makes its return in FIFA 23. For the players unfamiliar with the player change arrow, all it does is create an arrow over an ideal defensive player to switch to when your team is on defense. Basically, it is a suggestion by the game for a good player to switch to when you’re in certain situations.


  • While this feature can be good and helpful in a number of situations to a number of people, others might still find it to be distracting or even annoying. Thankfully, there’s no need to be stuck with this feature for the entirety of your time with FIFA 23. If you don’t want to see those little arrows when you’re in the heat of battle, here is how you can take that feature, and turn it off.


  • First, you’ll want to go to the game’s main menu. Then, you’ll want to navigate to the customize screen. Once there, you will want to press the confirm button on settings, and then again on controller settings. In that final menu, you’ll find the “next player switch indicator” option. To turn it off, simply select the “off” option under the feature.


  • With that done you will never be interrupted by the player switch indicator ever again. If you decide you want to turn the feature back on, It’s simple to navigate back to that menu and turn it back on.


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