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How to Save Every Penalty Kick in FIFA 22

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How to Save Every Penalty Kick in FIFA 22

Saving penalties in FIFA 22 isn’t difficult, but you’ll need some practice to get comfortable with all of the controls.


  • When you move your left stick to the left or right of the goal to shoot at the top or bottom left corner, it makes no difference since the penalty kick taker moves his head; there is a specific head animation for the penalty kick taker. If you move the left stick to the player’s right and aim at the top right corner, the penalty kick taker will move his head to the right, changing the angle of shooting, and all you have to do is hold the right stick of your controller to the right to save the penalty.


  • You can also use your goalkeeper’s position to increase the pressure. It’s important to take a slight step with the goalkeeper to maximize your goal coverage.


  • Some players disable the cursor by pressing the Up button on the D-Pad. Turning it off just hides the icon from the screen, but aiming and shooting remain the same. As a result, the strategy mentioned above should be effective in most cases.


  • Please note that many players will aim to the right as it feels more natural and direct. If none of the previous points gives a clue, wait for a shot to the right.



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