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How to Play Planet Zoo: A Quick-Start Guide

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How to Play Planet Zoo: A Quick-Start Guide

  • WASD to move


  • L for flashlight


  • Q and E to rise and sink


  • Shift + WASD to speed up the movement


  • Scroll to Zoom in and out


  • Press the Scroll Wheel to pivot (I recommend switching this to Ctrl)


  • Ctrl+D to duplicate an object


  • M to move an object


  • X to open the trademarked precision widget (allows advanced directional and rotational axis control)


  • Ctrl+X to duplicate an object and open the widget


  • P to pause the simulation (not open the menu) (I recommend changing this to Space)


  • Z to rotate an object


  • Shift to adjust the height of objects


  • Note: There are lots of other hotkeys and I recommend looking at all of them. You can see and change them in the Settings menu under Controls



Starting to Build

  • If you’re planning to build something large and complex, pause your game.


  • Pay attention to the lower right corner when in a building tab, there are usually useful configurations that you can take advantage of (i.e angle snap, path width, length, barrier length, curvature, and window)


  • When creating a group of objects or buildings, pay attention to what is grouped and what is not. In case you have placed something and you want it to be a part of the group, then Shift-click the two of them and click the icon that looks like a Tree and a plus sign.


  • Objects with a grid background adhere to a grid system and cannot be changed that way but items with a white background are decoration objects and can be placed with full control.


  • To center a décor item on a wall or anything, press F.


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