How to Play Planet Zoo: A Quick-Start Guide

How to Play Planet Zoo: A Quick-Start Guide

  • -WASD to move


  • -L for flashlight


  • -Q and E to rise and sink


  • -Shift + WASD to speed up movement


  • -Scroll to Zoom in and out


  • -Press the Scroll Wheel to pivot (I recommend to switch this to Ctrl)


  • -Ctrl+D to duplicate an object


  • -M to move an object


  • -X to open the trademarked precision widget (allows advanced directional and rotational axis control)


  • -Ctrl+X to duplicate an object and open the widget


  • -P to pause the simulation (not open the menu) (I recommend changing this to Space)


  • -Z to rotate an object


  • -Shift to adjust the height of objects


– Note: There are lots of other hotkeys and I recommend looking at all of them. You can see and change them in the Settings menu under Controls



Starting to Build

-If you’re planning to build something large and complex, pause your game.


-Pay attention the lower right corner when in a building tab, there’s usually useful configurations that you can take advantage of (i.e angle snap, path width, length, barrier length, curvature and window)


-When creating a group of objects or building, pay attention to what is grouped and what is not. In case you have placed something and you want it to be apart of the group, then Shift click the two of them and click the icon that looks like a Tree and a plus sign.


-Objects with a grid background adhere to a grid system and cannot be changed that way but items with a white background are decoration objects and can placed with full control.


-To center a décor item on a wall or anything, press F.


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