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How to Play Mortal Online 2 in Third Person

How to Play Mortal Online 2 in Third Person

How to Play in Third-Person View

Mortal Online 2 does not currently allow players to switch to a third-person perspective, and this does not appear to be changing anytime soon. One of the main reasons the game’s designers chose FPP over TPP was to make it as realistic as possible. Because Mortal Online 2 is a skill-based game, third-person perspective players may have an advantage over first-person perspective players due to their larger field of view. Nonetheless, there are a few tricks you can try to help you enjoy the game by minimizing the side effects of “simulator sickness.”


  • Increase the field of view (FOV) to over 90 degrees (MO2 supports FOV up to 103). The increased range should reduce the nauseating effects tolerably and, in some cases, eliminate them entirely.


  • Disable Motion Blur.


Some of you may experience “simulator sickness” while playing games in the First-person view, a type of motion sickness that was first discovered during pilot training. Scientists discovered two plausible theories after researching this illness: sensory conflict or postural instability, a balance disorder. Regardless of the cause, the symptoms are the same: vertigo, nausea, disorientation, or discomfort.


Hopefully, some of the aforementioned suggestions assisted you in resolving your problems. Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comments section below, and until next time. Happy Gaming!


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