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How to Place Objects Anywhere in ATLAS

How to Place Objects Anywhere in ATLAS

Some craftable objects can be placed into the world, such as crafting stations or components for constructing bases.


– You can craft building parts (such as walls and roofs) like any other object, but they must then be placed somewhere in the world. To do so, select them in your inventory screen, then choose “Place.”


– Objects appear red and translucent when attempting to place them in an invalid position, such as a ceiling with nothing to hold it up. If they are blue and translucent, it’s an acceptable location to place them.


– You can also transfer objects to your Hotbar and then place them into the world from there.




(With object hovered over in inventory)

Select Object To Place: E


Drop Object: O



(With object outline visible in world)

Place Object: Left Mouse Button


Rotate Object In Place: Mouse X


Confirm Placement:  Left Mouse Button again.


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