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How To Do a Flair Pass in FIFA 22

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How To Do a Flair Pass in FIFA 22

Flair Pass is a fancy and powerful ground pass that is less accurate than a Driven Pass but more powerful. This allows your player to make backward passes (backheel passes) that your opponents cannot see. A player with the flair trait is less likely to make mistakes when trying to make flair moves. Sometimes they will make a flair pass or flair shot without using the skill modifier controls listed below, and if there are players in between, they will use a higher lob for short lob passes.


To execute a flair pass in FIFA 22 please use the following button combinations listed below;


  • PlayStation 4 & 5L2 + X


  • Xbox One & Series X I SLT + A


  • Nintendo SwitchZL + B


That is all you need to do a flair pass in FIFA 22. Do you have any suggestions to improve this guide? Please leave a comment below.



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