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How to Get Better at Battle Royale Games


How to Get Better at Battle Royale Games

One hundred players enter, but up to 4 come out victorious. This is the law of the Battle Royale, and it hasn’t changed ever since the advent of the genre. It’s an unforgiving video game genre that constantly puts you to the test, requiring you to always be on your guard and make good decisions to ensure your survival. While many people only play Battle Royale games for fun, there comes a time when they want to start winning matches instead of dropping out of each game early on. If you’re interested in winning more matches, this article will teach you some invaluable tips for getting more victories, regardless of the Battle Royale you’re playing.



Use your ears! 

Hearing is the most important sense in Battle Royale games, whether you’re on an open field or in a skyscraper. The reason is that if you and an enemy spot each other at the same time, you both have equal chances of winning the firefight. However, if you listen closely and hear the enemy coming, you have time to pre-aim at the enemy, significantly increasing your odds of winning the firefight. On that note, make sure you’re always playing Battle Royale titles with headphones and stereo audio, so you can always pinpoint the location of your enemy exactly. On that same note, be mindful of the noise you’re making while moving, as it might alert enemies to your presence.



Use vehicles sparingly.

Building on the previous tip, you should only use vehicles sparingly. While they are a great way to get around the map quickly with your team, they all make loud, distinctive noises, which will alert everyone in the vicinity to your presence. Hence, it would help if you only used vehicles when you don’t have a choice, such as when you need to get away from enemies fast or when you’re far outside the circle.


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Choose your battles carefully. 

Think about most of your deaths. They probably could have been avoided had you not fired the first shots. There are many situations where players see an enemy, but instead of surveying the playing field, they start shooting immediately. To their surprise, many times, another enemy is lying just around the corner and would have revealed himself had the player waited a few moments. This is why you should always be mindful of your surroundings when considering starting a firefight. “How many enemies are there?”, “Do I have the necessary equipment to come out victorious?” and “Do I have an escape route in case the firefight goes badly?” are questions you should be asking yourself before firing the first shot.



Keep moving and looting. 

Many players, especially newcomers to the genre, reach one safe location and camp there the entire match, thinking that the others will kill each other, and they will only have to eliminate one enemy or one team. While this may be a valid strategy for reaching the top 10, winning the match is difficult. Why does camping make you less likely to win a match? Because it means only having the equipment you find in the one location you’re holding. At the same time, the rest of the competitors get the best loot, either from searching multiple locations or from killing enemies who have good equipment. Try always to keep moving and searching for better equipment while playing Battle Royale games, as it will greatly increase your chances of winning.





Don’t rush to the circle. 

Usually, people tend to panic whenever they see that the safe zone is shrinking and not inside the new circle. This leads to them sprinting directly for the safe zone and being killed by enemies waiting for them. No matter how far away from the safe zone you are, it would help if you always were mindful of your surroundings, inching slowly towards safety while looking for enemies. Also, make sure to keep an eye behind you at all times, as there may be other people scrambling to safety, just like you. Try not to let firefights consume too much of your time while outside the circle.



Don’t drop into hot zones.

Firefights early on can be fun and adrenaline-inducing, but unless you have what it takes to kill everyone around you, you should never drop directly into hot zones when going for a win. Instead, try to see where the plane is headed and drop to places you think will not be chosen by many, so you have enough time to gather equipment in safety. Of course, if you don’t care about winning matches and only want to improve your skills in firefights, dropping into hot zones is the best way to do so.



Frustrated? Take a break! 

The last tip on this list doesn’t deal with the game itself but with your way of thinking. People often lose a match, get mad, and keep playing instead of taking a break to calm down. The anger leads to them losing another game, and it creates a vicious cycle, where the player isn’t winning or having any fun. It’s important to keep in mind that, unless you’re a game streamer and this is your job, you are playing a game, and games are meant to be fun. You’re likely playing the game in your free time, so why would you keep wasting your free time on something annoying you? Step away from the gaming device, or choose another game, preferably something easy and soothing, and come back to the Battle Royale genre after you’ve taken a break.




Battle Royale games are unforgiving, with difficult learning curves and high-skill ceilings. However, if you apply the tips in this article, you’re sure to become victorious in time.


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