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How to Fix the Invisible My Player Glitch in NBA 2K22

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How to Fix the Invisible My Player Glitch in NBA 2K22

Many people have reported the frustrating Invisible My Player Glitch. To fix, simply follow these simple steps:



Method 1 (Xbox One & Xbox Series X I S)

  • Navigate to Manage games and add-ons, then to Saved Data.


  • Select Delete save data from the context menu when you right-click on your gamer tag. Make certain that you remove the saved data from all locations, not just your console.


  • Go to network settings and turn off the internet.


  • Go to the official NBA 2K website using a pc or a phone.


  • Sign in to your Xbox Account and unlink your 2K account by clicking on the Xbox.


  • Relaunch NBA 2K22 on your Xbox and reconnect to the internet.


  • Reconnect as many times as required until you can create a player.


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Method 2 (PS4 & PS5)

  • Close the game and disconnect from the Internet.


  • Navigate to Storage.


  • Go to Saved data and select NBA 2K22.


  • The Saved data in the system storage screen will list all the NBA 2K22 items saved on your console.


  • Manually select all the items one by one, don’t use the Select all option.


  • Hit the Delete button to get rid of all that data.


  • Relaunch the game and reconnect to the internet – your player should no longer be invisible at this time.


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