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How to Do a Knuckleball Free Kick in FIFA 23

How to Do a Knuckleball Free Kick in FIFA 23

Free kicks are one of the main aspects of FIFA that got a massive overhaul for FIFA 23. The new system is supposed to deliver a more realistic experience, and so far, it has done an excellent job. Now the game even shows what type of free kicks (knuckleball or inside foot curler) you’re setting up for the final shot. Without further ado, here are the steps you need to do in order to pull off the move.




  • Knuckleball is a special kind of shot that does not impart any spin onto the ball.


  • Usually applying a bit of spin helps to stabilize the ball when it’s sailing through midair. Without a spin the ball curves and changes directions in unpredictable ways, making it difficult for the goalkeeper to intercept it. 


  • First, use the Left Stick to place the shot circle at the top right or left corners of the goal.


  • Once the circle is in place, press the shoot button using the Circle/B button on your controller. This locks the aiming circle into place.


  • As your player is moving towards the ball, flick the Right Stick down, up and down again to execute the Knuckleball free kick.


  • If in the end the aiming circle has a small plus icon in the middle, then the shot will be a knuckleball. 


  • If you’re within 30 yards, then use 3 bars. In case you’re at 35 yards then use 3.5 bars of power to shoot the ball.


  • Always use players with the higher free kick accuracy rating to take these shots, since the knuckleball free kick is one of the most difficult moves to execute in the game.




  • You can use the knuckleball in the wings or within the 30-40 yards of the box.


  • The default standing position and the straight standing position seems to work the best when it comes to making knuckleball shots.


If you’re having trouble with these shots, then our FIFA 23 free kicks guide will help you do a better job. But if you’re struggling against knuckleballs, then our free kick defense guide will help you perfect those guarding skills.


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