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How to Do a Knuckleball Free Kick in FIFA 22

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How to Do a Knuckleball Free Kick in FIFA 22

When the ball does not spin as it flies through the air, it is called a “knuckleball.” Spin is what gives the ball stability as it moves, and without it, your shot would snake through the air, changing directions suddenly and making a keeper’s predictions nearly impossible. The Knuckleball Free Kick is perhaps the most difficult free-kick to execute and could be more successful from a long distance, power-dipped free kick or ball in the field.


  • Press and hold L1 (Playstation 4 and 5) or LB (Xbox One and Series X I S) to execute this freekick, then flick the left stick diagonally to the right or diagonally to the left.


Please note that not every player can make an effective knuckleball freekick. These free-kicks need both power and accuracy. In FIFA 22, you must choose a player with high power, free-kick accuracy, and strong free-kick ability.


That is all you need to know to do a Knuckleball Free Kick in FIFA 22. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for improving this guide.


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