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How to Defend Free Kicks in FIFA 23

How to Defend Free Kicks in FIFA 23

With the new free kick mechanics in FIFA 23, it has become easier than ever to score goals. Therefore, knowing how to defend those goals can potentially decide whether you win or lose a given match. Here is everything you need to know to defend free kicks.




  • Defending against free kicks is very similar to guarding against corners. The only exception is that there are fewer marking options available, and you’ll have to build a defensive wall with a few players.


  • Although the wall is efficient, it obscures the goalkeeper’s vision when they are guarding against the ball. So, you’ll have to learn to control the wall in order to increase your odds of defending the goal.


  • While defending a free kick, you can move the wall of players towards the taker by pressing X on PS4 & PS5 or A on Xbox One & Series X|S.


  • But if the wall keeps moving forward you might receive a booking or even reprimanded for straying too far. 


  • Instead of moving forward, press Triangle or Y to make your wall leap and intercept the ball. You can also RT/R2 and LT/L2 to move the entire wall right and left.


  • You can switch the player in and out of the wall by pressing L1/LB. Pick the tallest ones to increase your odds.


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