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How to Defend Free Kicks in FIFA 22

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How to Defend Free Kicks in FIFA 22

Free kicks can be defended similarly to corners, except there are fewer marking options available, and you will need some players to form a defensive wall. The goalkeeper frequently places a “wall” of defensive players between the ball and the goal to make it more difficult for the kicker to make the goal. While this approach is typically efficient, the goalkeeper’s initial sight of the moving ball is occasionally obscured by the wall.


When defending free-kicks, you may move the wall towards the taker by pressing A (Xbox) or X (PlayStation). However, because they are moving forward, you may be reprimanded or perhaps given a booking. By pressing Y or Triangle, you can make the wall leap. The player will stay in the wall if you move defenders into it. It’s also feasible to use LB or L1 to pull them out of the wall manual switching player. The LT/L2 and RT/R2 keys move the wall to the left and right, respectively.


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