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How to Call your Goalkeeper out for Corners in FIFA 23

How to Call your Goalkeeper out for Corners in FIFA 23

Goalkeepers are often underrated, but if controlled correctly, they can become an asset to your team. It’s one of the most overpowered positions in the game, and even though several improvements and changes have been made to the goalkeeper, they are more powerful than ever. This guide helps take advantage of that by teaching you how you can call them from the corners.




  • Press and hold the Triangle on PS4 & PS5 or Y on Xbox One & Series X|S to call your goalkeeper from the corner.


  • Once the input registers, they will jump off their line and try to punch the incoming cross or catch it, whichever is more feasible.


  • The move is quite effective if the opponent is taking advantage of the corners. They usually have a lot of width when making a shot from that position, but this little trick can shut them down quite effectively.


  • Never attempt this move with a goalkeeper who has a low rating. It’s bound to fail. Stick to tried and tested strategies such as diving instead. But if you have the stats to back you up, this move is very effective.


Hopefully you’ve found this article helpful, but if you have any more questions feel free to mention them in the comments. We also have a bunch of other FIFA 23 guides, so if you’re having trouble with the game, consider checking them out.


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