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How to Build a Ship in ATLAS

How to Build a Ship in ATLAS

Acquiring a Ship

In order to sail a ship, you’ll have to obtain one first. There are two ways to do so in ATLAS:


– If you’re in a Freeport, you can buy certain ships from the Shipyardsman at the end of the dock.


– All other ships must be built from scratch. You can build a ship yourself by unlocking skills and blueprints in the Seamanship tree, then craft it like any other object. Subsequent Seasmanship skills grant you blueprints for larger and more seaworthy ships.



Building a Ship

All crafted ships are made up of several core components: a frame, planks/gunports, decks, sails, and a steering wheel. Making your own ship is a multi-step process.


– First, craft and place a shipyard (bigger ships require bigger shipyards) somewhere in the water. Make sure you place it in deep enough water or your ship could hit the shore and sink as soon as you release it.


– Second, collect resources and craft the ship’s frame, which is the foundation you’ll add all the other parts too.



Once you have your frame in place, you can begin to add all the individual parts of your ship.

– Next, craft your planks/gunports and place them on the frame. Planks form the hull and body of your ship.


– Gunports are special planks with windows in them for below deck cannon placement. Cannons can also be placed above deck too, if you wish.


How to Build a Ship in ATLAS


– Gunports can only go in certain places on your ship’s frame, so if you want cannons below deck, make sure you place gunports in those spots and not normal planks.


– Repeat these steps with your decks, sails, and steering wheel.


– You can also place a Resource Box onboard to store repair materials in. When you repair damage on your ship, materials will automatically be drawn from the Resource Box before your personal inventory.



After you’ve added all the essential components. you can finish your ship up and finally set sail!

– Decks largely come incomplete so that you can design them to look however you want. Fill in any missing floorboards with Wooden Ceilings to seal your decks and be sure to leave some holes (and build stairs or ladders) so you can move between decks.


– You can place other structures on top of your decks to give them a more unique look/feel.


– Once you’re done customizing your ship, hop onboard and interact with the hull to bring up its radial wheel and select “Release” to undock it from the shipyard and send it on its way.



Respawning on Ships

Once you’ve made a ship, the first item you should furnish it with is a Simple Bed. Once you’ve got a bed, you can respawn right back on your ship whenever you die.


– The Basics skill gives you the blueprint for the Simple Bed. You should be able to make it once you’re level 2.


– You can also place a bed on land if you want to respawn somewhere off your ship instead.


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