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How to Ball Roll in FIFA 22

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How to Ball Roll in FIFA 22

We’ll explain how to perform the ball roll skill move and when you should do it in this guide.



When should we perform this skill move?

The best time to perform this skill move is when the defender closes in on you and attempts to tackle. Essentially, you’ll need to use this skill move when you’re one-on-one with the keeper or trying to get the ball away from or keep the ball away from a defender.



How to Perform it?

Use the right thumbstick to perform this skill move, as with all others in the game. You must move the right stick to the left or right of the player controlling the ball (90-degree angle). It’s not to the left or right of the controller but the left or right of the player’s current direction. Moving the stick to the right causes the ball to roll to the right, making it easier to pass or shoot with the right foot, while moving it to the left has the same effect but for the left foot. You can use this skill move to get a good angle for a pass or a shot.


That is all you need to know to Ball Roll in FIFA 22. If you think we missed something significant, please let us know in the comments section. We’ve also included some more game-related guides below. Please check it out;


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