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How Do You Jockey in FIFA 22?

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How Do You Jockey in FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 is the most realistic football game yet, simulating the experience of playing high-speed football on a Console or PC. To win games, you must be able to defend. Most people don’t put in the time to develop a good defensive strategy. They focus on offensive strategy most of the time, so having any plan to jockey your opponent immediately gives you an advantage. Controlling where the attackers go allows you to prevent them from getting clean shots or even a clean steal.


Jockeying your opponent is an efficient technique to stop the player in possession from dribbling past your defense.


  • Holding down L2 (PS4 & PS5) / LT (Xbox One & Xbox Series X I S) causes your defender to stay in place, allowing them to either sniff out a pass or stop a striker from advancing.


  • Holding down R2 (PS4 & PS5) / LT (Xbox One & Xbox Series X I S) with L2 (PS4 & PS5) / LT (Xbox One & Xbox Series X I S) causes your player to fast jockey, causing your defender to move around faster and accelerates their lateral movements. The great thing about using the jockey function is that it allows you to put your defender in a side position where defenders of all skills are coached at all levels. By taking this stance, you can force your opponent into areas of the field that are not dangerous for your target.


That is all you need to know to do to jockey in FIFA 22. If you think we missed something significant, please let us know in the comments section below.


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