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HighFleet – Combat Tips & Tricks

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Combat Tips & Tricks

A few combat tips, Tarkhan:


  • The moment before an enemy shoots, its aim will be shown with red beams.


  • Speed is the best defense. A small ship with skillful maneuvering can avoid most damage.


  • Shoot with full “volleys.” At the same time, the cassette is being reloaded; pay more attention to dodging and lining up your next attack.


  • Enemy missiles are not too difficult to dodge – try moving towards it then junking.


  • Do not expose an unarmored underbelly or weak spot to enemy fire. Conversely, heavy armor is practically invulnerable to small-caliber rounds.


  • The enemy display shows ammo rack blocks in orange. Blasting these will destroy small ships and inflict heavy damage on large ones. Try using armor-piercing ammunition.


  • Only use capital ships such as the Sevastopol when necessary. These crafts are far more expensive to repair, and it takes an incredibly long time.


  • Try to attack vulnerable spots on the enemy. Some may have light armor on top, so attack them from above; others may have vulnerable points below. Each ship has different vulnerabilities to learn.


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