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Hammerting – Mining Guide

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You can mine minerals with the same button to mine terrain, but what you really want is a drill. The vertical ones will hold up to 30 ore, while the big horizontal ones will hold up to 50 at a time. You can also right-click and drop the ore, it will just drop on the ground nearby waiting to be picked up, but it’s ultra-long and tedious.




You will often find some nice stone or metal stuck in veins of other metal.




Before putting down a drill you want to make sure the drill will only drill and fill up on the ore you want, so clean up all the unwanted ore and then slap down a drill. You can check what block will give what metal by hovering over it. be careful because sometimes it looks like there is some mixed with it but it’s not going to give you what you want. like in this picture there looks to be some sapphire, but it will actually give iron.




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