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Gunsmith Simulator Controls

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Gunsmith Simulator is a game where the digital and real worlds intertwine beautifully, allowing your dream of becoming a gunsmithing guru to take shape. This isn’t just another simulator: it’s a full-scale adventure into the captivating universe of firearm craftsmanship. Imagine your mornings beginning with the rich aroma of coffee mingling with the unique scent of metallic precision. That’s the daily life you’re stepping into.


From establishing your own workshop to the complex tasks of sourcing, refurbishing, and personalizing firearms, you’re not just engaging in a game: you’re embodying the life of a professional gunsmith. The experience doesn’t end at the workshop threshold. You also have the opportunity to test your creations at the shooting range, perfecting your marksmanship while observing your handiwork in action.


This guide will be your faithful companion, offering assistance as you navigate this intricate world. It provides an overview of the essential controls for the game.



PC Keyboard Controls

  • Cancel: Right Mouse Button


  • Select Fire Mode: F


  • Grab: Right Mouse Button


  • Move Right: D or Right Arrow


  • Move Left: A or Left Arrow


  • Inventory: I


  • Jump: Spacebar


  • Submit: Return


  • Interact: Left Mouse Button


  • Move Forward: W or Up Arrow


  • Move Backward: S or Down Arrow


  • Help: T


  • Extract: T


  • Aim: Right Mouse Button


  • Reload: R


  • Zoom In: [


  • Zoom Out: ]


  • Increase Scoop Magnification: Z


  • Decrease Scoop Magnification: X


  • Orbit Camera: Left ALT


  • Back: ESC


  • Hint: Left Control


  • Gun 1: 1


  • Gun 2: 2


  • Gun 3: 3


  • Gun 4: 4


  • Start Minigame: G


  • Run: Left Shift


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