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Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) – Garrisons

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Forts are used to defend important terrain against enemy attacks. They are equipped with heavy guns and Manned by Garrisons operating them. When a fort is within combat range of an army or a. fleet, the garrison will engage the enemy, and a siege or naval bombardment will commence.


The Garrisons are shown on the map with a fort NATO symbol. The NATO symbol tooltip shows information about the fort and its garrison. The condition of the fort is shown in brackets behind the fort name. When the garrison is selected, you can see additional information about the fort’s weapons in the Unit Panel, in the tooltip for Guns. Garrisons are not affected by Readiness.


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When constructed, forts will automatically get a small Garrison. The Garrisons can be reinforced by positioning additional units in the fort. The larger the garrison, the longer the fort will fight when besieged. See the maximum garrison size in the fort’s tooltip.


To transfer units into the fort, either uses the military management panel or move the button to open the management screen. Drag using the + button. You may also appoint a Garrisons who will not receive many supplies and can be starved out.


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