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Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) – Feuds

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If two commanders were in disagreement, it usually meant trouble during the Civil War. This was one of the many reasons for disasters on the battlefield, the other ones being incompetence, bad luck, and sometimes whiskey. In the game, this feuding will introduce an element of unpredictability, which many serious wargamers enjoy.


If there is a feud, it is shown as a symbol next to the unit icon. See the tooltip for more information about the effects the feud has at that moment.


When the icon is gray, the subordinate either does not understand or wants to understand orders he received; he disagrees with them and maybe does his best to delay execution. In this case, there will be a substantial delay, and the order may be carried out differently than intended.


When the icon is red, the commander in question is acting on his initiative, disregarding any orders he has received. An aggressive commander may choose to assault the enemy, a more cautious one may deploy to defend, even if he is given an order to attack.


Feuds usually occur between commanders that are famous enough to feel they have every right to do as they please, especially when the commanders’ initial rating is far apart.


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