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Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) – Diplomacy & Interventions Guide

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Diplomacy & Interventions

Diplomacy with Europe in the game is shown as a balance of relations between European powers and the Union and Confederacy. The balance can be seen in the Strategy panel. Each side can influence the balance. This can be done via specific Policies and Acts, as well as via Diplomacy -subsidies:


  • The Policies/Acts increase/decrease relations with Europe instantly, as per description.


  • The Diplomacy -subsidies, which become available with the Diplomacy branch Policies, will slowly increase relations. They also improve import and export prices, making trade more lucrative.


  • Diplomacy Policies themselves alone will not improve relations, but they will allow new weapon import deals, increasing the number and type of available weapons:


Example: CSA King Cotton pre-war Policy increases relations with Europe by 20 points. CSA activates King Cotton II policy during the game, which increases relations by a further five points. The Union player starts the Tariff Act, which decreases Union relations by .10 points. This results in relations balance of 35 in favor of the Confederacy.


If interventions are allowed in the Game Options, the European powers may intervene in the American Civil War. The British and French may join the Confederacy in its fight against the United States, and the Spanish may retaliate if, before the war, the southern states invade their colonies.


The intervention chance is shown in the alarm information as an icon. If the intervention is possible, a major. Victory is required to encourage an invasion.


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If the Europeans intervene, they will operate independently. They will draw supplies from the friendly host nation if in their territory. If the European intervention force is defeated with unsustainable casualties, they are forced to sue for peace and withdraw.


The British may intervene if the Confederacy is successful in its politics and battle. The French may only intervene if the Confederate player chooses to support the French Mexican intervention via policies. The Spanish may intervene only if the Confederate player starts the game with Filibustering pre-war policy.


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