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Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) – Cover & Concealment


Cover & Concealment

Different terrain types and battlefield objects provide Cover and Concealment to your troops. Forests provide cover against fire and concealment, which is also provided in swamp and field terrain, depending on the height of the crops. If Fog of War is enabled, units can remain hidden, even if the enemy is close enough to observe the terrain. The smaller the unit, the more likely it is to remain unseen. Skirmishers are best at using terrain to hide their movement. When units lay down, they will be harder to spot.


Many battlefield objects, like fences (1), walls, and embankments, cover your units. When you give a movement order to your unit, it will automatically search for nearby cover and move there, if riot instructed otherwise by using hotkey SHIFT or a setting in the Commander Orders Menu.


When a unit is in cover, the information is shown in the Unit Panel (2) as used cover type, and in the moral effects (3) under Situation, as well as in the unit’s NATO symbol on the map (4). Cover reduces casualties, increases fire accuracy, boosts morale, and counters morale shocks from incoming fire. If your units are facing an enemy in good cover, it will also affect their morale.


Trenches and stone walls provide the best cover, and the following is best by breastworks, railroad embankments, and sunken roads. Wooden fences provide some cover, like creek beds:


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