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Going Medieval Cheats

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This is the list of achievements and how to unlock them in Going Medieval. These achievements will not appear on your achievement list until you completed them.


The First Day

Survive the First Day


Having A Field Day

Harvest 5 Crops


Get A Room

Build an Enclosed Room


Novice Researcher

Unlock First Research Item


Home Cooked Meal

Produce a Meal at a Campfire


Reap What You Sow

Harvest 50 Crops


The First Week

Survive for Seven Days


…And Don’t Come Back!

Survive the First Raid



Unlock 3x Research Items



Kill a Raider


Green Thumb

Harvest 200 Crops


Beam Me Up

Build a Wooden Beam


Putting Food on the Table

Store 5000 Nutrition


Heating Up

Survive Until the First Summer


Studious Researcher

Unlock 5x Research Items


Feast or Famine

Store 10,000 Nutrition


Food Chain

Hunt 5x Hares


Oh Deer!

Hunt 5x Deer


Winter Is Coming

Survive Until the First Autumn


Adept Researcher

Unlock 10x Research Items


Fit For A King

Store 20,000 Nutrition


Winter Is Here

Survive Until the First Winter



Dismantle 5x Items


All Year Round

Survive a Full Year


Wabbit Season

Hunt 20x Hares


Don’t Cry Wolf

Hunt 5x Wolves


A Party Now

Gather 10x Settlers


Deerly Departed

Hunt 20x Deer


Nothing Wasted

Dismantle 50x items


Luminary Researcher

Unlock 25x Research Items


Where Wolf?

Hunt 20x Wolves


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