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Glitchangels – How to Play

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How to Play


You start the game with the option to play as one of 2 powerful glitchangels, GABRIEL and CHAMUEL, each with a unique combination of abilities and weapons.


You can swap between unlocked angels at any time and with no penalty. Certain angels will be better suited to different situations – learn their powers! Or simply pick your favorite and become a master with them!


Extra angles can be unlocked by defeating them in combat. However, the relevant APP will need to be unlocked for them to appear in STANDARD levels.




Each standard level will start with a fixed number of enemies, the amount is visible on the HUD – ‘Simply’ kill them all to unlock the exit and proceed to the next level.


Beware! New enemies can spawn from destroyed crates – you will, however, be given a small grace period where they cannot harm you (“DANGER”) but they will be immune to damage in this state.




Most enemies will drop a green skull when they are destroyed – be sure to collect as many as possible as they will boost your SECONDARY GLITCH gauge and earn you TREASURE! Skulls will disappear after a short time so be quick!




An angel’s lifeblood – once depleted, the next hit is fatal!


When an angel receives an otherwise deadly hit, the TIME GLITCH is automatically activated and the player can move backward and forwards through time. There is a small buffer of UNSTABLE TIME (about 1 second) that is deemed ‘unsafe’ and you must rewind past this before it is safe to resume.


Note – it’s fine to take a moment here and plan the best time to resume – it’s not always beneficial to get back into action as soon as possible. Pick a spot in the time rift that looks safest! And choose an appropriate angel.




There is a small ring around your player, about 2 tiles in radius – any enemies killed in this area will produce a ‘WINGED SKULL’ which is worth more treasure and will boost your COURAGE METER. Once the gauge is full a new TIMEOUT credit will appear. Don’t worry, they will stick around and not disappear, so collect when convenient.



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