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Ghost Hunters Corp – FAQ: Questions You Might Have

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FAQ: Questions You Might Have

  • Q: How do I use the Spiritbox?


  • A: You need to go inside the house. Right, Click to turn the Spiritbox ON (Same for tuning it off). Now, you can ask the Ghost something. “Spirit, can you hear me?” – “Ghost, can you talk?” – “Spirit, say something” Speak to him. Use Spirit / Ghost before you ask.



  • Q: Measuring a temperature ”ERR”, what?


  • A: You need to buy a “Thermometer” available at Level 8. Point it towards the Ghost, and it will give you an ERR (ERROR) reading.



  • Q: How can I play with my friends? I cannot invite him/them.


  • A: Press ESC and then click on Steam coop (If you want to play with a Steam Friend). After that, press Shift + Tab and invite your friend.



  • Q: What about Local? My friend lives with me.


  • A: Press ESC and then on Local Coop. Press on Host if you want to Host this Lobby. Your friend will have to put the IP-Adresse in his Client and press on “Join.”



  • Q: Is my Mic working? I don’t know.


  • A: Go inside the Game and press ESC. Click on “Microphone” and then Speak. If it’s showing what you’re saying, your Mic is working. There is also a Room in the Lobby, where you can Check your Mic.



  • Q: What is the “Ghost Room”?


  • A: You can find the Ghost room by using your Camera and finding some Orbs flying in the Room. That’s the Ghost Room.



  • Q: How do I know what Ghost it is?


  • A: You should read the description of the spirits. Everyone behaves differently.



  • Q: What is a “pentagram”?


  • A: You can find it in the House/Map, ONLY with a Camera. You can make it visible with an Instant Camera.



  • Q: Spritibox-EVP / Radio / in the house? What?


  • A: Radio plays pretty much anywhere without even needing to ask; it’s literally when you hear radio stations playing through the spirit box when it’s on. Spirit box EVP is when the ghost speaks through the spirit box specifically (so it comes directly from the spirit box itself) and voices in the House is when you hear the Sound NOT coming out of the Spiritbox (Turn it off while you hear the sound. Sound should go away if you turn it off. Then it’s EVP if not, then it is voiced in the House)


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