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Geneforge 1 – Mutagen – Making & Training Creations

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Making & Training Creations

To make a creation, press the Make Creation button (button with a ‘+’, to the far left, under your characters’ portraits) to bring up the Edit Creation screen. You can only make creations when you aren’t in combat.


Select the sort of creation you want from the choices available. Each type of creature has a base cost in essence. You will see a description of each creature when you select it. When you’ve picked a creation type, press the OK button to make and train it.


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Training Creations

You can train a creation when you make it. You can also train it later by selecting its portrait and pressing the Roster button at the top left. You will see the creation training window.


This window shows all of the creation’s base statistics. It also shows how much essence it costs. Essence spent to make or improve a creation is used up and unavailable for spells until the creation dies.


You can give each creation a symbol to tell different ones apart in combat. To do this, press the Symbol button on the creation’s portrait.


Press the Quill button to the upper right to rename the creation. You can select statistics and abilities to the upper right to spend essence improving the creation.



Creation Skills

Each creation has five statistic buttons. Select one to give the creation a level and improve one of its statistics, making it more effective in battle.


Each creation also has two trainable active abilities (which can be used in battle) and two passive abilities (which are always active). Select one of these to gain it.


Each active ability has a cooldown. It can only be used once every three turns in battle.



Creation Levels

As you encounter more difficult foes, you will want to have higher-level creations.


To increase a creation’s level, increase your base skill for that creation. (For example, increase your Magic Shaping skill to give all your artilas a higher level.) You can also train the creation on its training window to increase its level.



Absorbing a Creation

If you are tired of a creation, press the “Absorb Creation” button on its training window to be rid of it. You will reclaim 2/3 of the essence you spent on it.



Rogue Creations

Creations are under your control. However, they are not entirely without a will of their own. If creation is damaged, there is a chance it will run away. Worse, in stressful situations, a creation will occasionally go rogue and turn against you for a few rounds.


The more creations you control at once and the higher a creation’s level is, the higher the chance of it going rogue.


If you increase your Shaping skills, all of your creations will be easier to control.



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