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Geneforge 1 – Mutagen – Inventory and Items

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Inventory and Items

To get and use items, bring up your character’s inventory screen. Press the pack button in the bottom right corner or type ‘g’.


To pick up an item from the ground, select it. It will be moved to your pack. To drop an item, select it to pick it up and then select the ground area to drop it.


To equip a weapon or garment, select it from your pack to pick it up. Then drop it on your character. To then unequip it, select it, and then put it down somewhere else.


To see a description of an item, move the mouse cursor onto it.


To use a magic item, press the Use Ability button when the inventory window is closed.


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Special Items

Pods and spores are special one-use items. When you use a pod, it helps your main character in some way. When you use spores, they help you and all allies standing near you.


Batons are reloadable missile weapons. Each baton fires a different sort of thorn and can only be reloaded with that sort of thorn. If you fire an empty baton in combat, it automatically reloads it if you have that sort of thorn in your inventory.


You will also find special items like keys that don’t appear in your inventory. These are listed in the Journal window.



The Junk Bag

You will frequently find items that you want to take back to town to sell. To make this process easier, you have a junk bag. You can stuff all your unwanted junk into it for easy selling when you return to town.


To open the junk bag, select ‘Junk Bag’ on the inventory window. You can then put stuff into the junk bag. You can also hold down the Control key (Command on Macintosh) and select an item to move it to the junk bag. When you are selling items in town, select ‘Sell All In Bag’ to instantly sell all of the stuff in your junk bag.


You can only take items out of your junk bag when you are in a friendly town.



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