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Galactic Civilizations IV: Ultimate Guide to Major Factions – Biology and Traits

Galactic Civilizations IV: Ultimate Guide to Major Factions - Biology and Traits

Galactic Civilizations IV has done an excellent job of creating distinct races that look and feel different from one another. Each civilization has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, making them both enjoyable and challenging to play with. This is a two-part guide that explains how these races differ so you can pick the best one for your playthrough.


A deeper understanding of the civilizations will help you create your own when you have gotten the hang of the game. We also have more Galactic Civilizations IV guides to help you understand the game and become a better player.



Every Civilization in GCIV in a nutshell

  • Every race in GCIV has distinct characteristics that set it apart from the others. They may become harder/easier to play based on these characteristics as you progress deeper into the game and expand your space empire.


Galactic Civilizations IV: Ultimate Guide to Major Factions - Biology and Traits



Name, Biology & AI Personality Ideology Civilization Traits Citizens & Abilities
Terran Alliance (Carbon Based) Innovation 2, Authority, Liberty, Opportunity, Individualism. Productive +1, Likeable +1, Explorers +1. Explorers, Inspired.
Festron Hunt (Aquatic)

Aggressive, Cruel.

Pragmatism 3, Authority, Harmony, Creativity. Intimidating +1, Brutal +1, Veteran +1. Ravenous, Unrelenting.
Navigators (Carbon Based)

Scientific, Xenophobic.

Innovation 4, Liberty, Compassion, Secrecy, Transparency, Creativity. Clever +2, Forgettable -1, Fast +1, Persuasive +1. Archaeologist, Starfaring.
Mimot Brotherhood (Carbon Based)

Peaceful, Expansionist.

Cooperation 2, Liberty, Innovation, Equality, Opportunity, Individualism. Likeable +2, Craven -1, Productive +1, Fast +1. Fertile, Proliferation.
Xeloxi (Carbon Based)

Greedy, Cruel.

Secrecy 2, Authority, Liberty, Tradition, Pragmatism. Deceptive +2, Unlikeable -1, Rich +1, Explorers +1. Warriors, Crimelord.
Arcean Republic (Carbon Based)

Expansionist, Opportunistic.

Tradition 3, Liberty, Opportunity, Harmony, Cooperation, Creativity. Courageous +2, Bad Liar -1, Veteran +1, Militant +1. Loyal, Vigilant.
Drengin Empire (Carbon Based)

Aggressive, Expansionist, Cruel.

Authority 4, Liberty, Tradition, Pragmatism, Creativity. Intimidating +2, Unlikeable -1, Militant +1, Brutal +1. Slavers, Unrelenting.
Altarian Republic (Carbon Based)

Spiritual, Peaceful.

Compassion 3, Liberty, Tradition, Secrecy, Transparency, Cooperation. Influential +2, Meek -1, Persuasive +1, Likeable +1.  Ancient, Empathy.
Yor Singularity (Synthetic)

Scientific, Cruel, Expansionist.

Creativity 4, Tradition, Compassion, Equality, Opportunity, Individualism. Militant +1, Brutal +1, Clever +1.  Adaptable, Unwavering.
Torian Regime (Aquatic)

Peaceful, Xenophobic.

Creativity 2, Liberty, Tradition, Compassion, Equality, Harmony, Individualism. Fast +2, Explorers +1. Fertile, Unwavering.
Manti Cluster (Aquatic)

Cultural, DIplomatic.

Transparency 2, Authority, Tradition, Pragmatism, Equality, Secrecy, Harmony. Influential +2, Passive -1, Rich +1, Productive +1. Paranoid, Warriors.
Krynn Syndicate (Carbon Based)

Expanionist, Spiritual.

Harmony 2, Liberty, Tradition, Pragmatism, Equality, Secrecy, Transparency.  Productive +1, Courageous +1, Persuasive +1. Devout, Bureaucrats.
Iconian Refuge (Carbon Based)

Peaceful, Cultural.

Secrecy 3, Authority, Liberty, Tradition, Equality, Harmony. Deceptive +2, Veteran -1, Clever +1, Courageous +1. Xenophobic, Paranoid.
Drath Freehold (Carbon Based)

Expansionist, Diplomatic.

Opportunity 2, Liberty, Tradition, Pragmatism, Secrecy, Cooperation. Militant +2, Unconvincing +1, Rich +1, Clever +1. War Profiteers, Ancient. 
Corporate Sector (Carbon Based)

Greedy, Trader.

Opportunity 3, Liberty, Pragmatism, Secrecy, Individualism. Rich +2, Meek -1, Explorers +1, Clever +1. Traders, Wealthy.
Onyx Hive (Sillicon Based)

Opportunistic, Diplomatic.

Tradition 3, Pragmatism, Equality, Opportunity, Harmony, Patient. Productive +1, Militant +1, Intimidating +1. Promethean, Experienced.
Baratak Grove (Carbon Based)

Expansionist, Cultural.

Equality 2, Liberty, Innovation, Compassion, Cooperation. Courageous +1, Productive +1, Explorers +1. Intuitive, Spores.
Terran Resistance (Carbon Based)

Expansionist, Diplomatic.

Creativity 2, Authority, Liberty, Innovation, Pragmatism, Opportunity, Transparency. Militant +1, Veteran +1, Courageous +1. Resourceful, Unrelenting.



Why is biology important in Galactic Civilization IV?

  • The biologies offer several advantages and disadvantages based on the residing planet.


Carbon Based – The chemistry of carbon-based species is based on water and hydrocarbons. To thrive and grow, their population requires food.


Aquatic – Aquatic species live most of their lives in the depths of the oceans. They have to access unique Aquatic Techs, and they can also colonize Oceanic Worlds without penalty.


Silicon Based – Silicon lifeforms are created from rocks and rare minerals. They do not need food, but their growth is slow unless they have access to copious amounts of Promethion.


Synthetic – Synthetic lifeforms do not need food to survive, and they can thrive in a variety of harsh environments where organic lifeforms would perish. When required, they can also fabricate new individuals and grow their population virtually unfettered.


  • Biology also determines the type of planet on which you will embark on your adventure. For example, a race of Aquatic people would be better suited to an oceanic planet.



Galactic Civilizations IV – A Brief overview of traits and what they do

  • Civilization traits grant several strengths and weaknesses.


  • All civilizations have three points to distribute among each trait and the only way you can add more points to any given trait is by taking it away from another one.


The Drengin Empire for example has Intimidating +2, Unlikeable -1, Militant +1, Brutal +1. The extra point in Intimidating is balanced out by taking a point away from Unlikeable.


The following is a list of all the traits, along with their descriptions:


Galactic Civilizations IV: Ultimate Guide to Major Factions - Biology and Traits


Traits Description
Clever Determine how quickly civilizations learn technology.
Rich Modifies how quickly civilizations gain credits.
Productive Modifies how quickly improvements are built on your planets.
Millitant Decreases the starting Control.
Influential Modifies how quickly civilization borders expand.
Likeable Modifies other players’ attitudes toward you.
Explorers Extends/reduces ship travel distance from your borders.
Fast Modifies how far your ships travel each turn.
Veteran Modifies how quickly your ships gain experience.
Brutal Modifies the success of Planetary invasions.
Courageous Modifies the ability to resist invasions. 
Deceptive Modifies your chance to use Deception during diplomacy and other related events.
Intimidating Modifies your chance to use Intimidation during diplomacy and other related events.
Persuasive Modifies your chance to use Persuasion during diplomacy and other related events.


  • Note that each trait can have either a positive, a negative, or a neutral rating.



Factors other than Traits to be aware of when playing Galactic Civilization IV

  • In the long run, your abilities and ideologies have an impact on how you play. 


  • Every race begins with two abilities that provide significant benefits to each civilization. You can also change them from the starting menu, but for now, stick with the defaults until you get the hang of the game.



Galactic Civilizations IV: Ultimate Guide to Abilities and Ideologies

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