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Galactic Civilizations 4 Console Commands – What you need to know

Galactic Civilizations 4 Console Commands – What you need to know

The Galactic Civilization Franchise is quite popular in the Sci-Fi space 4X games genre. Stardock Entertainment did an excellent job with the prequels, and they’ve managed to carry over that familiar playstyle into their latest game while vastly improving core gameplay elements.


The sci-fi adventure remains largely unchanged, with new and improved mechanics and more things to do in the game. The movement mechanics in Galactic Civilization IV are one of the game’s highlights. GCIV has clusters of solar systems bunched together instead of lanes connecting one solar system to another. Players can jump clusters to access a new colony of ‘solar systems.’


The sheer amount of information can be overwhelming for new players, but with practice, it all becomes second nature. The race selection menu, in particular, has taken a lot of time and effort to make it appealing to new players. Furthermore, with fully animated 3D sprites staring back at the player, it’s clear that the developers put a lot of effort into attempting to create and tailoring the various alien civilizations.


The game has a steep learning curve, and this list of console commands will make the new game experience much smoother for beginners.



Galactic Civilizations 4: How to Open the Console and List of Commands

Follow these simple steps to open the console window;


  • Open Epic Launcher. Click on your Epic Launcher settings.


  • Scroll down and click on “Galactic Civilizations IV.” Check the box for “Additional Command Line Arguments.”


  • Type “cheat” ONLY —- not “-cheat” or anything else.


  • Restart your game and hit the ” ` ” or ” ~ ” key (default keybind) tilde is a character ( ~ ) on keyboards below the Esc (Escape key)



A Complete List of Console Commands and Cheat Codes for Galactic Civilizations 4

  • Get credits: modcredits [amount] – modcredits 10000


  • Get population: modpop [amount] – modpop 10000


  • All the Stat names: liststat


  • Get Culture Points: modcult [amount] – modcult 100


  • Get Stat Value: modstat [statname] [amount] – modstat 100


  • Colonize planets: colonize [all], or Colonize [the selected planet]


  • Create Trade Resource: createtraderesource [internal name] [tilex] [tiley]


  • Complete production on items in the queue: finish


  • Force Event: event [ Event name]


  • Unlock Tech: unlock [Tech name]


  • Unlock all Tech: fastunlock


  • Destroy Object: destroy [object ID]


  • Fog of War: fow


  • All objetcts visible: fowtrans


  • x1000 of all Resources: resources


  • Kill a player: killplayer [player index]


  • Set siplomacy state between two players: dipstate [state] [player index1] [player index2]


  • Add Mod: addmod [module name]


  • control every player’s empire: god


  • Display FPS: fps


  • Hide UI: hideui


  • Set Government: setgov [government name]


  • Control Local Player: localplayer [player index]


  • Memory usage info: showmem


  • Console log contents: savelog [file name]


  • Thumbnails for ship components: gencompthumbs


  • thumbnails for all object gfx configs: genconfigthumbs [large]


  • Generates lean maps: genleanmaps


  • List of all commands: help


  • Clear console log: clearlog


  • Lighting options: lighting


  • unlimited range: range


  • other player rally points: showRallyPoints


  • influence lines: smoothinfluencelines


  • Primes the United Planets: upprime


  • United Planets meeting: upmeeting (once you close the debug console)


  • Spawn Ships: spawn [ship design name] [owner player index]


  • Battle Ships (Spawn): battle [ship design name] [owner player index 1] [owner player index 1]


  • Spawn Faction: spawnfaction [faction name]


  • assassination: assassination (between player and faction with closest relation not on same team)


  • Spawn artifact: spawnartifact (awards it to the weakest player).


  • random new anomaly: spawnanoamly [number of anomalies] [name of the anomaly]


  • Dead planets are usable: convertdeadplanet [planet class] [number of planets]


  • Dead planets to Thulium: convertdeadplanettothulium [number of planets]


  • Asteroids to Durantium: convertasteroidstodurantium [number of asteroids]


  • Gas Giants to Promethion: convertgasgianttopromethion [number of gas giants]


  • Spawn Elerium resource: spawnelerium [number of resources]


  • Relic resource (Spawn) : spawnrelic [number of resources]


  • Spawn Antimatter resource: spawnantimatte [number of resources]


  • Grant Tech to all: grantrandomtechtoall


  • Cheat hot keys: hotkeys


  • Run text file: run [text file name]


  • Target info: info


  • Win the game: wingame


  • Lose the game: losegame


  • Unlock all mercenaries: allmercs [next]


  • Re purchase mercenaries: resetmercs


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