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Football Manager 2021 – How do I fix an unhappy squad?

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How do I fix an unhappy squad?

If you suffer through a few negative results in succession, players may begin to question your judgment, and the team’s morale sinks deeper and deeper with every disappointment. Before you know it, you’re left with an unhappy squad and seemingly no way out of the hole you collectively find yourselves in.


It isn’t easy to turn things around, but there are a few ways for you to get started. A well-timed Team Meeting is a superb opportunity for you to gather the players and give them a morale boost. If you do this before a potentially winnable match – perhaps against another team struggling for results and morale – you can lift your team’s spirits enough to get a positive result, which in turn lifts morale even further.


Changing your starting eleven to include players who aren’t as unhappy as others in the squad can also have a tangible effect. That isn’t to say that a happy youth team player is a better choice than an unhappy first-team key player. Still, a finer balance of players who have better morale can help move the needle in your favor, and it’s often the case that small changes are the catalyst for long-term improvement.


If one player, in particular, is the cause for team-wide unhappiness, selling him is often the best course of action, as the team is mostly stronger than any one individual. The root cause of squad unhappiness can always be found on the Dynamics screens; use the information there to identify it, then make the best decision for the team.


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