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FIFA 23: How to View Player Shirt Sales

FIFA 23: How to View Player Shirt Sales

Shirt sales are a consistent way to earn money in the game. Therefore, it’s important to track which shirts are earning you the most revenue to maximize your profit. Follow these steps if you want to view your players’ shirt sales in FIFA 23.




  • Enter the Career mode from the Office tab.


  • From the drop-down menu, pick Finances. There will be three tabs here: Overview, Transactions, and Budget.


  • Press RB on Xbox One & Series X|S and R1 on PS4 & PS5 to cycle through the tabs.


  • There will be a list on the left showcasing all weekly transactions. You can see exactly how much revenue you’re earning from weekly Player Shirt Sales in that list.


  • If you want more details, hover over the transaction to view the top 3 player shirts that are selling the most. Finally, compare the sales with last week’s numbers and make changes if necessary.


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