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FIFA 23: How to Turn The Trainer Off

FIFA 23: How to Turn The Trainer Off

The FIFA trainer is an in-game feature that helps you become a better player, especially if you’re new. There are tons of different controls and skill moves that can be quite difficult to memorize. The trainer monitors your gameplay and provides hints and tips based on your situation. But if you’re a pro player, then follow these steps if you want to switch off your trainer.




  • The trainer has undergone a few modifications in FIFA 23, so if you’re a beginner then it’s recommended that you enable it for the first few hours.


  • You can turn off the Trainer in two ways. If you’re in a match, pause the game and go to the Trainer tab > Status > Hide.


  • You can also turn it off from the main menu. Go to Customize > Settings > Customize Controls > FIFA Trainer > Hide.




The FIFA 23 trainer has three display modes, each suited for different skill levels. So if you’re having trouble with movements, mechanics or shot timings, you can enable that specific mode and don’t have to bother with the rest of the mundane tips and tricks.


  • Movement – Only shows movements.


  • Movements & Buttons – Shows movements and buttons for specific actions.


  • Movement & Mechanics – Shows movements and mechanics related to dribbling, moves, passing, etc.




Each of the following trainers can be toggled on/off, so if you’re having trouble in a specific area, instead of completely shutting off the trainer, you can enable a few to help improve your gameplay.



Trainer Description
Pass Receive Indicator Shows the player selected to receive the pass from Through and Ground Passes.
Time Finishing Indicator When attempting a strike by double tapping the Shoot button, it shows the Timed Finishing Bar Indicator.
Shot Target Shows where the shot is likely to land.
Directed Runs Indicator When a player executes a Directed Run or a Directed Pass and Go, it shows the Directed Runs Indicator.
Defending Trainer Suggests optimal defending player positions to intercept the ball.
Switch Indicator Shows the next player that you’re about to switch to.
Movement Indicator Shows a movement indicator on the screen.
Offside Indicator Shows when the player is on the offside.
Button Hints Displays hint buttons.


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