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FIFA 23: How to Set Up Free Kicks

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Set pieces received a major overhaul in FIFA 23. Corners, free kicks, and penalties received several changes, all with the goal of making them appear more natural and realistic. This guide will teach you how to increase your chances of scoring a goal through free kicks. Let’s begin.




  • One of the biggest changes to free kicks is the new aiming line. The circular reticle has been scrapped in favor of a more intuitive trajectory line that highlights the direction the ball will travel for the first few yards. You can adjust it with the Left Stick for a better angle.


  • You can now use the Right Stick to determine where to strike the ball and apply a spin accordingly. 


  • There is also a new text box that’ll show what kind of shot you’ve wound up, such as a ferocious knuckleball or a curler.


  • Hold the shot button to power up.


  • Press it again to activate Timed Finishing for an added accuracy boost.


  • Look for the Free Kick Accuracy (FKA), Power (PWR) and Curve (CRV) stats in a player when you’re taking a free kick. If you need more accuracy, pick someone with a high FKA rating. If you need power, use someone with a high PWR rating. 


  • You can move the player around the ball by flicking the Right Stick. If you want to call another player to take the shot from an angle, you can do so by pressing L2/LT followed by R1/RB.


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