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FIFA 23: How to Score Trivela Free Kicks

FIFA 23: How to Score Trivela Free Kicks

The Trivela free kick is a one-of-a-kind technique inspired by Roberto Carlos, who scored one of the most memorable free-kick goals in football history in 1997 by using the outside of his boot and putting an amount of swerve onto the ball that humans had no idea was possible.


Scoring Trivela free kicks on FIFA 23 can be tricky, but don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll explain how to do it effectively.


  • To increase your chances of success, choose a player with a lot of power, and place them in the straight-standing position behind the ball. (No other standing position will work for this type of free kick.) After that, aim outside of the goal (as far as you can while keeping the target at the same height as the bar), and load the power bar to three bars. Keep in mind that you can go a little higher if the goal is more than 25-30 yards away.


  • Move your right-hand stick down, then up in a counterclockwise direction, once your player begins to move toward the ball (reverse direction of the curve). For instance, if a player is taking the Trivela free kick with their left foot, move your right hand stick down first, then counterclockwise upward. (If your player is right-footed, move your right-hand stick downward, then clockwise upward.)


That’s all you need to know to score a Trivela free kick in FIFA 23! For more great tips, check out our other FIFA 23 guides.


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