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FIFA 23 – How to Perform the Heel to Ball Roll

FIFA 23 - How to Perform the Heel to Ball Roll

The new Heel to Ball roll is going to be debuting in FIFA 23. It’s one of the most impressive skills that’s been introduced into the game. It has the potential to send the opponent in a completely wrong direction. Here are the steps that’ll help you master the new heel to ball roll.




  • The Heel to Ball roll is a 4-star move.


  • To execute the move, hold down L1 on PS4 & PS5 or LB on Xbox One & Series X|S and flick the Right Stick forward and backward.


  • You can even use the Left Stick to determine the direction you want to move the player.


  • The move is special because it hides the ball from the defender. Not only that, but your player also keeps the ball super close to them, preventing any quick steals.


  • The move is most effective in 1v1 scenarios, especially if the opponent is using AI defense.


  • It’s also quite effective in the wings and will create enough space for you to take the final shot.


  • Finally, the heel to ball roll is also the perfect move for counterattack. As it grants a speed boost, you can easily snatch the ball and make a run towards the opposite direction.


The heel to ball roll isn’t the only trick you should keep in your arsenal. We have more skill moves in store for you. If you liked this one, don’t forget to read the rest of our FIFA 23 guides. You never know what you might stumble upon when searching for something new.


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