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FIFA 23: How to Perform the Bolasie Flick

FIFA 23: How to Perform the Bolasie Flick

The Bolasie Flick is an underrated move. If used in the correct situation, the move guarantees a goal almost every time. The effectiveness of the move rises as you get closer to the goal. This guide explains in detail how you can do the Bolasie Flick, alongside a few tips on how and where you should use it. Let’s begin.




  • The Bolasie Flick is a 5-star skill so make sure your player is capable enough to pull it off reliably.


  • Hold R1 on PS4 & PS5 or RB Xbox One & Series X|S and flick the Right Stick forward and then quickly sideways.


  • Flick the Right Stick to the side where you want the ball to land at the end of the move’s animation.




  • The Bolasie can be easily intercepted in the midfield, so you should save it for when you reach the 18-yard box.


  • Try positioning yourself parallel to the goal and make sure there is no defender in between you and the goal. That way, while you’re flicking the ball and preparing for the volley, the opponent will have a harder time intercepting you if they are on the top or bottom.


  • If there is an opponent between you and the goal, they can tackle the ball away, so you’d have to be extremely quick if you wanted to pull it off. The safest bet would be to either do an early volley, or to run deeper until you have a clear line to the goal.


But sometimes even the flick isn’t enough to punch through the enemy’s defenses. Without a few skill moves under your belt, you’ll easily panic in such a situation and end up relinquishing the ball to the opponent. So if you want to learn more moves and become a better player consider reading the rest of our FIFA 23 guides. There are several moves like the Bolasie Flick that you’ll definitely find interesting.


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