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FIFA 23: How to Do a Low Cross

FIFA 23: How to Do a Low Cross

There are several ways you can cross the ball into the box. Sticking to one particular method can become predictable and will make it easier for your opponents to intercept you. It’s only natural to mix things up every once in a while. So instead of crossing the ball in the air, use a low cross now and then to keep things interesting. Here is how you can execute a low cross in FIFA 23




  • A cross is a medium to long-range pass that is made towards the center of the field from a wide area. The pass is usually made as close to the goal as possible. The purpose of a cross is to bring the ball closer for a goal.


  • There are several types of crosses in FIFA 23, and we will address how to execute each one of them, including the low cross. Here is a list of them all:


Cross  PlayStation 4 & 5 Xbox One & Series XIS
Low Cross Double tap Square Double tap X
Low Driven Cross R1 + Double tap Square RB + Double tap X
Normal Cross Square X
High Cross L1 + Square LB + X
Driven Cross R1 + Square RB + X
Whipped Cross L1 + R1 + Square LB + RB + X




  • Low Cross – The perfect place to do a low cross is from the wings. It’s a very quick cross with little airtime involved.


  • Low Driven Cross – The low driven cross packs more punch compared to the low cross. It’s most effective when the defender is not positioned to stop the cross.


  • Normal Cross – The most basic cross that can be easily converted into a goal with a volley or header.


  • High Cross – The high cross has a long air time that gives your players ample time to adjust their shots. However, refrain from using this move unless your player has a good height or a high jump stat.


  • Driven Cross – It’s a very quick cross that’s perfect if you’re right in front of the defender.

  • Whipped Cross – A whipped cross is a type of high cross that travels at the head level. It’s also a leading shot that’s aimed at where the striker will eventually end up, instead of where they currently are.


Crosses are an import of the FIFA 23 gameplay and make for great plays in the box area, especially if you’re playing with friends. Also, read the rest of our FIFA 23 guides if you like reading in-depth articles on various aspects of the game.


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