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FIFA 23: How to Dive as Goalkeeper

FIFA 23: How to Dive as Goalkeeper

Knowing how to dive is crucial for a goalkeeper because it can help you stave off a goal in the last minute. Controlling the goalkeeper is always a challenge because their movement is a bit different than the rest of the team. However, in this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to control the minor movements of your goalkeeper and the new changes that make goalkeeping easier in FIFA 23.




  • In order to make your goalkeeper dive in any direction, you’ll have to press and hold the R3 button on your controller and push it to the side you want them to dive.


  • If you want to revert your goalkeeper back to the assisted goalkeeping version, release the R3 trigger.




  • Diving isn’t always the best solution. You should hold off till the last moment, because once you dive, there is nothing else you can do to change your trajectory. Diving means committing to guarding a specific direction, and unless you’re sure, it’s never the right move.


  • First, use the L1 to automatically position the goalkeeper as the opponent approaches the goal.


  • Second, as they get closer (enters the eighteen-yard box), release L1 and use the Left Stick to take slight steps and position your goalkeeper to a better guarded position. It’s much more accurate and gives you better control over your GK.


  • Third, now that you’re in position, use the Right Stick to dive in the proper direction to block off a shot.




  • You should dive as the opponent is getting ready to strike the ball. Keep an eye on their footwork and, as they raise their leg for the final shot, you should have an idea of the ball’s trajectory. When they are ready to shoot, dive in the predicted direction.


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