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FIFA 22: Power Header Trait

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Power Header Trait

Traits are utilized in FIFA 22 to offer players specific talents and play styles that correspond to their real-life equivalents. Each Trait affects some element of the player’s conduct on the field or, in certain circumstances, off the field.


Standard – A player with the Power Header trait has better headers. They’re also more likely to be chosen to fill a target position in the opposition penalty area during an attacking corner kick. They’re less likely to be chosen as the support Player when the kicker seeks help with a short corner.


Virtual Pro – Career Mode: In Player Career, you can get this trait for your Pro.


Virtual Pro – Pro Clubs: Acquiring the Power Header Player trait from the Shooting Skill Tree will provide you this Trait for your FIFA Pro Clubs Virtual Pro.


VOLTA FOOTBALL – The positioning behavior does not apply.



These are the Trait categories in FIFA 22:


Standard: Trait effects in this category affect how a player performs when controlled by a human and the CPU AI*.


CPU AI: Trait effects in this category influence how a player performs only when the CPU controls the player AI*.


Career Mode: Trait effects in this category affect Career Mode but have no bearing on how the player performs in actual gaming.


Virtual Pro: In FIFA Pro Clubs or Player Career Mode, trait effects in this category unlock something for your Virtual Pro.


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