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FIFA 22: How to Use Agile Dribbling and Creative Runs

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How to Use Agile Dribbling and Creative Runs in FIFA 22

When you’re controlling a player with the ball, the R1 button (PS4 & PS5) or the RB button (Xbox One & Xbox Series X I S) is mapped to Agile Dribbling. When you hold this button down, the player will begin dribbling the ball much closer to their body than usual, allowing for far more precision when moving the ball around. The level of control the player gains depends on the player, specifically their dribbling stats, but failing to do so while attempting to get around the opponent’s defense effectively hands the ball over to them. Dribble the ball around the defenders like an elegant dancer while holding the R1 button (PS4 & PS5) or the RB button (Xbox One & Xbox Series X I S).


Creative Runs, on the other hand, necessitate a bit more planning. However, once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll be able to dominate the field. By pressing the L1 button (PS4 & PS5) or the LB button (Xbox One & Xbox Series X I S) and aiming with the right stick, you can direct other players on your team to move in specific directions at different speeds. This feature’s potential is almost limitless. Set up plays with it, create openings with it, move a player into a position to pass with it, and anything else you can think of.


That is all you need to know to use agile dribbling and creative runs in FIFA 22. If you think we missed something significant, please let us know in the comments section below.



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