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FIFA 22 – How to Score Long Shots

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How To Score Long Shots

We will teach you everything you need to know about scoring a goal from outside the box right here (even with every opposition player stood behind the ball).


  • The angle at which you execute the shot is the most important aspect of scoring goals outside of the box. This is what determines if you score a goal or not.


  • If you use a left-footed player, you must position yourself on the right side of the pitch, and right-footed players must position themselves on the left. Of course, a right-footed player can still score a long shot on the left side, but the chances of your shot flying in are significantly reduced.


  • If you want to increase your scoring chances, you should use a player with a Long Shot rating of at least 76. Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, and Christian Eriksen are just a few players of FIFA 22 who can score a Long Shot. Long shots are not as effective in FIFA 22 as they were previously, but you can significantly increase your chances of scoring with long shots with the necessary skills.


  • It would be best if you used a maximum of three bars in terms of power. If you go beyond this point, the ball will fly over the bar and into the crowd. Three bars of power provide enough velocity for the ball to hit the target before the goalkeeper can reach it, as well as enough power to rise and dip into the back of the net.


  • Finally, it’s all about trying new things. Because the game mechanics are constantly changing, new things are always to try, such as different combinations and angles.



PS4 & PS5 Controls

Shot Controls
Shot Circle
Chip Shot L1 + Circle
Finesse Shot R1 + Circle
Low Shot/Downward Header L1 + R1 + Circle + Tap Circle
Fake Shot Circle then X + direction



Xbox One & Xbox Series X I S Controls

Shot Controls
Shot B
Chip Shot LB + B
Finesse Shot RB + B
Low Shot/Downward Header LB + RB + B+ Tap B
Fake Shot Circle then A + direction


That is all you need to know about Scoring Long Shots in FIFA 22. Please let us know if you believe we missed something significant in the comments section. Below you’ll find some additional game-related guides. Please have a look;


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