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FIFA 22 – How to Raise Player Chemistry?

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How Do I Raise Player Chemistry in FIFA 22

This guide will explain to you how to raise player chemistry in FIFA 22. The main determining factor for individual player chemistry is their links with other players on the pitch. Depending on the formation, a player will have between two and five links to nearby players. These are indicated by lines connecting the players and follow the same color scheme as the position indicator: red, orange, or green. You can raise the Player Chemistry figure with one of two bonuses, both adding +1 to the figure (capped at 10): Loyalty and Manager.


  • The Loyalty bonus (+1 to Player Chemistry) is conferred when a player is used in 10 matches. Players that are found in packs automatically have this bonus.


  • The Manager bonus (+1 to Player Chemistry) comes when the player and the manager share either the same league or same nationality.


  • Icons have an orange link to every adjacent player and a green link to players of the same nationality by default.


That is all you need to know to raise player chemistry in FIFA 22. Please let us know if you believe we missed something important in the comments section. Below you’ll find some additional game-related guides. Please have a look;


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