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FIFA 22 – How to Move Your Goalkeeper

FIFA 22 - How to Move Your Goalkeeper

Moving Goalkeeper out the goal box is often the key to winning the situation when he’s on his own. To perform this maneuver effectively, you have to wait for the right moment and react to the current situation on the pitch. A good moment for a goalkeeper’s exit is when the striker has released the ball too far away or when the pass to the running player is too long.


Push the R3 (PS4, PS5) button or press the right analog stick (Xbox One & Xbox Series X) until you hear a click to move the goalkeeper at any moment during the game. You will then be able to position the goalkeeper in the direction of the anticipated opponent’s shot. Not only will manually controlling the goalkeeper allow you to place yourself in the best possible position before and during an attack, but it will also allow you to position yourself in the best possible position during the attack. However, it will enable you to save the ball with greater precision. Such opportunities are also ideal for shortening the angle and restricting the amount of space in the net.


Keep in mind that you must continue to press down the R3 button to direct your goalkeeper’s movement. You will lose control of them if you let go or ease up on the pressure.


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