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FIFA 22: How to Do a Chipped or Panenka Penalty

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How to Do a Chipped or Panenka Penalty

The Panenka is an ingenious but simple way of taking a penalty kick, which sees the taker chip the ball down the center of the goal. It was invented by Antonin Panenka and shot to fame in 1976 when the Czechoslovakian star used it to outfox legendary Germany and Bayern Munich goalkeeper Sepp Maier during the European Championship final.


Once you’ve perfected the skill of taking proper penalties, you can add flair to your penalty kicks and troll your opponents from the penalty spot. The aiming is the same for a chipped or panenka penalty, but when powering up your shot, hold L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox to attempt to dink the ball over the goalkeeper.


A proper panenka will aim right down the middle of the goal, but you can use a chipped penalty while aiming towards the sides of the goal as well as down the middle. Be careful, if your opponent guesses right, these will be extremely easy saves for the goalkeeper. Also, players with high penalty attribute ratings are better at aiming as their shot cursor moves slowly. We do not recommend using this technique if your player has low attributes on the penalty.


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