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FIFA 22: First Time Skill Moves

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First Time Skill Moves

FIFA 22 will introduce a new gameplay mechanic called first-time skill moves. When the ball is coming towards a player, you can execute skill moves in first-time situations. The fake shot and its multiple variations (fake shot stop, 5-star scoop turn) were previously the only skill moves you could perform in first-time situations. Still, thanks to the first-time skill move mechanic, you will be able to execute other skill moves as soon as the ball reaches a player. It’s important to note that you won’t execute every skill move in the game on the first try.


Three skill moves that won’t work in a first-time situation have been identified by EA. They’re there;


  • Stepovers


  • Body Feints


  • Bridge/Directional Nutmeg


To balance the first-time skill move mechanic, EA has made it, so that skill moves performed in first-time situations are more difficult to control than those performed while your player is already moving – especially if the incoming ball velocity is high. Due to how difficult it is to control a driven pass, first-time skill moves will not work from driven passes.


In addition, EA has announced four new skill moves that will include in FIFA 22. We don’t know how they’ll appear in-game, but we do know their names:


  • The Four-Touch Tur


  • The Skilled-Bridge


  • The First Time Spin


  • Scoop Turn Fake


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