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FIFA 22 – Abbreviations for Positions

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Abbreviations for Positions

The following is a list of position abbreviations in FIFA 22. The abbreviations may differ when playing FIFA 22 in a different language.


AM – Attacking midfielder


SW – A player that is responsible for both defensive and offensive duties. He is given a free role and can act as a playmaker to some extent, but he should also drop back behind the defensive line when the opposing team attacks.


GK – Goalkeeper


WF – The wing forward, like the center forward, is less common in modern football but could be used in a 4-3-3 formation.


RB – Right defense / Right back


CB – Central defender / Center-backs


LB – Left defense / Left-back


CDM – Central Defending Midfielder


OL – Outside left. Same as the left-winger.


OR – Outside right. Same as the left-winger.


RM – Right midfielder


CM – Centre midfielders


LM – Left midfielder


CAM – Central attacking midfielder


RW – Right winger


ST – Striker


LW – Left winger


IF – Inside forward. In the old days, an offensive line could have five attackers, with two inside forwards positioned between the wing forwards and the center forward and usually a little behind the other three.


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